Reminder: Papers must be between 10 and 20 pages long.


Any Postscript file readable using the free Postscript file viewer Ghostview will be reviewed. However, to reduce total preparation time, it is recommended that authors follow the instructions (a) for accepted papers below.

If you don't have Ghostview, then you can download it here, depending on your system:
Linux (i386) Unix Windows 9x Macintosh (or visit the Ghostscript & Ghostview homepage)

Accepted papers

Final versions of accepted papers must be produced using LaTeX. Two different final versions need to be prepared (from the same LaTeX file) and e-mailed to the program chairs. In both cases, Hyperref v6.71a and the ENTCS generic macro package are needed.

(a) For the printed version of the proceedings, send a Postscript file made using the prentcsmacro.sty LaTeX style file.
(b)For inclusion in the ENTCS issue, send a PDF file made using the entcsmacro.sty LaTeX style file and the DVIPDFM program.

For further details, read the Instructions for Authors of Papers in ENTCS Volumes and An Example Paper.

Here are some instructions for creating a LaTeX file that can be used to generate the Postscript file for the printed proceedings, if you are using a Unix machine on which LaTeX 2e is installed. (PC users may install the MiKTeX 2.0 distribution of LaTeX, and follow these instructions. They may also need Winzip to unpack the ENTCS generic macro package archive.)