16 papers have been accepted for oral presentation, and 8 for a presentation by a poster.

For ORAL presentation
R. Ayala, E. Domínguez, A. R. Francés, and A. Quintero
Digital homotopy with obstacles
V. E. Brimkov and R. P. Barneva
Honeycomb vs square and cubic models
D. Coeurjolly, Y. Gérard, L. Tougne, and J.-P. Reveillès
An elementary algorithm for digital arc segmentation
S. Fourey, T. Y. Kong, and G. T. Herman
Generic admissible digital spaces: the surface case
E. Garduño and G. T. Herman
Optimization of basis functions for both reconstruction and visualization
P. Hong and T. S. Huang
Spatial pattern discovering by learning the isomorphic subgraph from multiple attributed relation graphs
A. Kuba and A. Nagy
Reconstruction of hv-convex binary matrices from their absorbed projections
K. Lange, R. Ray, M. Smid, and U. Wendt
Computing large planar regions in terrains
H. Liao and G. T. Herman
Automated estimation of the parameters of Gibbs priors to be used in binary tomography
C. Lohou and G. Bertrand
A new 3D 12-subiteration thinning algorithm based on P-simple points
K. Imai, Y. Matsuda, C. Iwamoto, and K. Morita
A three-dimensional uniquely parsable array grammar that generates and parses cubes
P. K. Saha, T. Y. Kong, and A. Rosenfeld
Strongly normal sets of tiles in N dimensions
Y. Sivasubramanyam and K. Krithivasan
Image representation using distributed weighted finite automata
J. Slapal
A Jordan curve theorem with respect to certain closure operations on the digital plane
M. Szczepanski, B. Smolka, D. Slusarczyk, K. N. Plataniotis, and A. N. Venetsanopoulos
Geodesic paths approach to color image enhancement
E. Vardi and G. T. Herman
Stochastic segmentation using Gibbs priors

For presentation by a POSTER
A. Bretto, H. Cherifi, and S. Ubéda
An efficient algorithm for Helly property recognition in a linear hypergraph
T. M. Breuel
A practical, globally optimal algorithm for geometric matching under uncertainty
P. H. Chandra, K. G. Subramanian, D. G. Thomas, and D. L. Van
A note on parallel splicing on images
F. Feschet and L. Tougne
An approach for the estimation of the precision of a real object from its digitization
T. Jiang
A parallel genetic algorithm for cell image segmentation
K. Kamejima
Generic representation of self-similarity via structure sensitive sampling of noisy imagery
R. Neelamani, R. de Queiroz, and R. Baraniuk
Lattice algorithms for compression color space estimation in JPEG images
I. Svalbe
Digital projections in prime and composite arrays

In addition there will be INVITED ADDRESSES by J.-P. Reveillès and A. Rosenfeld
J.-P. Reveillès
The geometry of the intersection of voxel spaces
A. Rosenfeld
Digital straightness